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Move Over

Move Over Law (Updates 2/2012)

With the support of outstanding testimony from Donna Setaro and Artie Hayducka, the legislation requiring NJ DOT to erect signs on state highways alerting motorists to the move over law was released from the Senate Transportation Committee unanimously last Thursday. It was referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee for further consideration. We will continue to push for enactment of this legislation -- DM

Piscataway students recognized for winning entries in 'Move Over' poster contest

PISCATAWAY — Seven students at King and Arbor intermediate schools in the township were recognized on Wednesday for their winning entries in the “Move Over” poster contest, designed to bring attention
to New Jersey’s “Move Over” Law.

The contest, sponsored by a regional coalition of police officers, firefighters and other emergency responders, tow truck companies and educators, is part of an ongoing public awareness campaign to
remind drivers to move over one lane or slow down when approaching emergency and other highway safety vehicles at the side of the road.

Top prizes were awarded to fifth-grade students Fabio Gunderson, Shreya Gupta, Samantha LaSasso, Teja Nath and Ritu Patel, as well as fourth-grader Progya Chakraborty. A poster designed by fifth-grader Jaclyn Donnelly was selected “Most Original” for its depiction of a cow encouraging drivers to “Moooove Over.” A total of 78 poster entries were submitted by students at King and Arbor schools.

The presentation was attended by Donna Setaro, mother of State Trooper Marc Castellano, who died after being struck at the side of Route 195 in Howell, as well as Piscataway Schools Superintendent Robert L. Copeland and a contingent of local and State Police officials.

Setaro has played an important role in promoting the “Move Over Awareness Campaign,” visiting schools throughout the state to educate students about the little-known law in the hopes that they will share the information with their parents. She and Copeland complimented the students for taking part in this initiative and for helping to inform others about the importance of this safety measure.

Piscataway police Lt. Scott Iannuzzo, who represents the Middlesex County and New Jersey Police Traffic Officers associations as a member of the coalition, was instrumental in organizing the poster contest in the Piscataway schools.

“This poster contest is just the first of what we hope will be a county and statewide effort,” he said.


(Update 12/2011)
A story from
South Brunswick police work to publicize N.J.'s 2-year-old 'move over' law

A story from
Motorists warned to heed Move Over Law

Move Over

The Port Authority of NY&NJ has begun posting the Move Over message on all its overhead electronic signs. In addition, they are exploring how the message can be conveyed on PATH trains, including perhaps the PSA video developed by the Division of Hwy Traffic Safety. All three major Bi-State Bridge and Tunnel Agencies have now agreed to publicize the Move Over law. 

The New Jersey State Traffic Officers Association is in full support of the outreach program and will assist in any way possible. Also, Motor Vehicle Commission reps were at the meeting and will be placing inserts into the envelopes of the renewal notices for drivers license.

We will meet with the Middlesex County Traffic Officers Association next week and will distribute the posters we have. We will also ask for assistance from the Middlesex County Community Traffic Association to include in their outreach program and pitch the decoy program. 

Claudia Knezek, from Kean University, has been increasingly active statewide in the traffic safety education field. Claudia expressed her support and would like to help in the area of public awareness and education. She advised that Kean University has been developing a traffic safety k-12 education program and is looking to implement it in our schools. This would include the Move Over law. She would like to help us with the poster contest and public awareness campaign. 

Dave Gregor from the Middlesex County CTSP has printed out 3,000 palm cards which will be distribute at the County Traffic meeting to several departments interested in conducting a decoy program in the county. If successful, we will expand it state wide.

Division of Highway Traffic Safety has delivered 20,000 information palm cards. For use with decoy patrols units.

All of this work was started by the NJ Fire & EMS Institute, with the help of So. Brunswick Police Chief Ray Hayducka, & Sgt: Ken Drost, Piscataway Police Lt.  Scott Iannuzzo, David Matos/our Lobbyist, Roger Potts, Carl Christensen, & Artie Hayducka.    


Move Over Law(Updates 11/2011) 

South Brunswick Police have received a grant from the community safety corp. to post the sign -up on Rt 1 & Deans Ln in South Brunswick
2. 2nd posting will be located on Rt 130 also in South Brunswick location TBA
3. NJSAFD donated $3000 to help educate the public about the new law
4. NJ First Responder New _ Dr Harry Carter also donated $500 to help educate the public
5. The Mover Over law program is now in all of Piscataway school K-12 grade,
6. NJSAFD & NJ Traffic Officers Association has reached out to Garden State towing Association for help with educating the public as well
7. The next move over Law meeting is scheduled for December 13, 2011 at South Brunswick Police Headquarters
8. Piscataway Fire & Police will be conducting a move over study within next month in Piscataway. The study will collect data on traffic moving over for Emergency Vehicle stop on the road side.

Current board members are:
1. Raymond Hayducka - Chief of Police South Brunswick PD
2. Ken Drost -Sgt South Brunswick PD
3. Scott Iannuzzo, Lt Piscataway PD
4. Artie Hayducka, Fire Commissioner
5. Roger Potts, VP NJSAFD
6 .Carl Christensen Pres. NJ Fire & EMS Inst
7. David Matos, NJ Lobbyist
8. Claudia Knezek, KEAN University


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